Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey Every1..!!

haha. i noe i havent been blogging for months.. haha.. understand la hor, i serving NS..

but please do ask me out when u are free..

hope u guys out there are doing fine n great huh..



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blogger not available!!!

Won't be blogging for 2 weeks.

Pls drop a msg in the tagboard.

Thank You..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


finally graduated!!! hahaha.. nothing much to blog la.. 5 more days to my NS enlistment.. sian.. quite looking forward to it la.. haha.. ok nothing much liao.. see u guys..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back from TIOMAN!! its FUN!!!

wow.. finally i m back from the 4 days 3 nights tioman trip.. overall, its fun.. juz that there is not much to do on the island itself unless u go for snorkeling, fishing or any other water events.. 4 days 3 night is quite long la actually..

ok, let the pictures do the talking.. haha.. going Genting this saturday, again.. haha..

waiting at the jetty at tanjiong gemok..

my fellow travel mates..

finally, after 5 hrs of travelling by bus and 2 hrs of ferry, we reached TIOMAN!!
omg, this is the first time i saw crystal clear sea water.. haha..
the first group pic taken after snorkeling..

favourite drink on the island... WO DE MEI REN juice..

cheapest and nicest dessert.. only RM2.. super nice..

island life is so simple, so great..

yes, as u can see.. its gotta rain soon, the wind is blowing really strong..
i almost blown away by the wind.. haha..

nice right this pic.. look at the mountain..

sun setting,

night time, taking a pic first before going for dinner..

in the morning, low tide..

going back to singapore, saying byebye to tioman..
ok, you guys dun wanna noe how i got these cuties.. as u noe i seldom drink or i dun drink.. to some of my friends who loves voka so much.. haha.. this pic muz have caught ur eyes right.. haha.. all the 8 flavours of voka is here in MINI.. haha..
any1 interested..?? haha.. name a price.. haha..
ok.. tats all fokes... i think i wont be bloggin until next week.. btw, less then 1 month, i m going in le.. omg.. haha..

Friday, May 02, 2008

OMG.. boring, sian, nothing to do.. i m BROKE!! haha..

yea, i m back blogging after 2 weeks.. haha..

nothing much recently la.. giving up hope on finding a job le.. going NS soon.. so intend to spend my last few weeks for myself.. haha..

juz celebrated my buddy, sally's birthday on monday... once again, happy birthday to her.. wanted to post some pics, but its with her.. haha.. so gotta wait huh..

have been visiting the gym.. yeah, u heard it, its GYM.. haha.. not choice have to train up before going in, if not weekends cannot come out liao.. haha.. beside visiting the SWIMMING POOLS for some swimming, i also went to the SINGPORE POOLS for some bettings.. haha..

die, becoming too too too uncle liao.. haha.. but really nothing to do la.. so place some bets on soccer matces, watch the match then exciting ma.. haha.. till now, still no win no lose la.. haha..

next friday going tioman.. wish me gd luck and safe journey.. haha.. pray tat i strike lottery also.. coz i really need some $$.. haha..

Gd bye.. hope friend out there are doing fine 2 man..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

HEY, i m back again..

before anything, i wanna wish Melvin, my best friend, Happy 21st Birthday

and also Yun Fang, the frog, Happy 18th Birthday

and also Xin Yi, Happy 20th Birthday

its been more then a month since i last blog... of coz, lots of things happen.. haha..

ok la, most important thing first to inform u guys.. i received my NS letter le.. kana police, wahaha.. kinda happy coz no need to tekong.. haha.. going in 10th June, tuesday.. omg.. it was like going to jail man, no more freedom.. haha.. but nvm la, no matter wat still have to go in wan.. haha..

next, graduation date on 28th May.. haha.. finally!!! was hoping that graduation day wan during my NS period coz can take leave come out.. haha.. it was a long time since i last met Sherman and gang out.. haha.. so long nv get to see them le.. hope they are doing well..

29th May, my younger bro, kenny, going for a operation on his neck.. omg.. felt quite sad and worried la.. he cried too when he heard the news.. hai.. backbone was kinda bend slighty towards his right.. bcoz of his right neck muscle too tight.. such a young ago going through this..

if u guys dun noe, i am jobless now... rotting at home for the past 2 weeks already.. haha.. wanting to find a job, but who wanna hire me.. for less than 2 months.. haha.. another thing is i lazy la.. haha.. so i will be enjoying my freedom till june le i guess.. haha..

baobei got her first full-time job le.. she cant get used to the office hour and looking at the com for 8 hrs.. haha.. but still baobei still muz jia you ok.. haha..

sally and ah lun got a job too, happy for them.. i guess is every1 got a job le la, except me.. haha..

friday was having a chalet with the old frogs la.. so long long nv see them liao.. haha.. so many things to chat on.. went to the chalet right after kenny's hospital trip on his operation in May.. glad to see that they are as cheerful as ever.. "GEK, y so silly?" was the topic of the day.. haha..

will post more pics in the next post la.. coz this few days kept falling sick, dun noe y also.. stay at home also fall sick.. last time work like hell also wont fall sick wan.. was sick for 1 week liao.. so sian.. cant eat, sleep, play or anything.. wa, sian ah.. haha..

hope u guys there are fine huh..

the price of eveything is increasing.. DUN WASTE FOOD LIAO HOR.. haha

Monday, March 03, 2008

"i dun LIKE ur Attitude!!"

this is wat he said to me today.. got many things to blog actually, but this matter really makes me fled up man.. today was quite a good day, until this happen..

i tender (resign), last wednesday.. many of them came over and talk to me, trying to ask me to stay.. i didn't want it, and of coz i rejected all of them becoz i got my difficulties, reason and plans too.. below is wat exactly happen today..

wendy (GM secretary, called over the phone): Ronnie ah, come over. Larry (GM) call you.
Ronnie: oh, ok.. (knowing somethings wrong or weird is gotta happen..
(as i walk over, wendy's expression wasn't quite normal)

once i reach in front of Mr larry, his first sentence was
Mr Larry: i dun like ur attitude, i am very disappointed.. (fierce and serious)

Ronnie: ??? (wth)

Mr larry: if the first day i noe you are like this (just leaving without prior notice like 1month or 2 weeks), i wouldn't in the first place put you in the contract as 1week.. who else in the whole will put a full-time staff in the contract for 1 week notice when he/she leaves.. i really dun like your attitude.. and also very disappointed..

Ronnie: ??? (keeping quiet and looking down thinking "wat can i say man, you asked my over and scold me)

Mr Larry: you asked me to write a testimonial for you, now i can tell you is.. NO WAY, i will not write the testimonial for you.. u are just leaving like this and wanted me to write a testimonial, sorry, i wouldn't..

Ronnie: ... (still keeping quiet, i have nothing to say)

My Larry: I dun noe about this.. (at the same time signing off my resignation letter, somethings he said i had forgotten). Wendy ar, call stephanie (1 of my colleague) over.. i dun need you anymore, you can leave now.. (with hand asking me to go)

Ronnie: ...

this is wat really happened today, there maybe somethings i had forgotten, but the first and last sentence really puts me to no words to say.. "i dun like ur attitude" "i dun need you anymore, you can leave now"..

the once i respected Mr larry saying this to me.. my mind was BLANK.. omg.. where in the h*** did i do anything wrong man.. i noe he muz be angry and frustrated that i resign at this critical times and only given him 1 week notice and also didnt let him have the time to train up another person before i go.. at the same time, didnt stay to help him out with the effort so some colleagues asking me to stay..

the thing i can say is, i m only i contract staff, ending in april.. then somemore i hold such a big responsibility in the department.. i shouldn't be carrying such big stress and responsibility.. and i have been like this for 2 months without saying anything or demanding anything, i just work it out myself.. kicking me off just like this.. tml will be my last day at SW.. the things i stay after my attachment at SW is also partly becoz of Mr larry, repaying him as he once helped me to get into SW for attachment.. in the end, i felt that everything tat i had done wasn't appreciated..

if you guys noe what a person i m really like, you will noe tat this kind of things i can't tolerate.. i was be like &$%@&#@%@#*&^%$&^#.. with the amount of respect i given a person, i would wan the respect back, at least the little amout of respect back.. but of coz, i didnt say those unpleasant thins out.. i still respect him, walking back to me desk quietly.. inside me was 100 times BU GAN YAN... i felt angry, disappointed and frustrated too man..

couldn't even imagine that this is how i would end in SW..

tat is Y, R stands for Ronnie and also stands for RESPECT!!

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